PT. Swadesi Candrasentosa (SWADESI), have an address in Jl. Ciledug Raya No. 100 A-C, Jakarta Selatan 12230, established since 1990 and officially declared operational on October 27th 1991, after obtaining a license from Ministry of Agriculture as an importer and distributor for veterinary drugs in Indonesia.


Since 1991, Swadesi has supplied more than 10 manufacturers of veterinary
drugs form overseas (Squib, Neuva, Fatro, Fermenta, Lohman, Anpario plc,
Biomin, Zuelling, Pantex, Agil, etc) which ended with a commitment to serve
only 3 manufactures to reply to the 13th birthday in 2004 (Neuva from Italy,
Fatro from Italy, and Anpario plc from UK) with a number of products types that
have been registered at this time are more than 50 kind of.
Enters the end of 2011, Swadesi has added two suppliers (Biopharm form
Czech Republic and New Born from French) as additional types of products,
especially in dealing new-born animal.
Presently (Year 2015), Swadesi exclusively represented Fatro Group, Anpario plc,
Biopharm as well as New Born products.


Until the end of 2010, Swadesi has grown up into part of the veterinary drugs
distributor in Indonesia with 8 points branch location and a station in the Java
Island and one station in Lampung Area run by veterinarians and bachelor of
animal husbandry that can help the development of livestock at their locations.
Other islands, Swadesi seek opportunities (open employee opportunity) for
young generations and entrepreneurs in locations where they live and settle.


Subscription services concept (After sale service) become an essential part of
Swadesi marketing, which only animal health technical assistance and farm
management, up to recreation activities in family relationships between
farmer’s family and Swadesi’s staff. This all make Swadesi could survive from
threatens crisis such as economic crisis at 1997, avian influenza outbreak at
2003 to 2004, and years 2006 to 2014 where currency fluctuation which
continuously happening until today.
At this moment, to increase sales, product quality, and relationship with
customers, Swadesi priority is human resource development which includes
not only veterinary medical sciences training and husbandry management but
also management information by publishing Swadesi Magazine call “KILAS
SWADESI”. With more and more need in interaction between farmers and non
farmers, Swadesi will go internet social media.